Learning to practice the Eight Extraordinary Channels in alignment with the classical teachings will allow you to support your patients to change in the deepest ways.

The Eight Extras are imperative when treating:

• Childhood Trauma

• Fertility

• Genetic & Epigenetic Diseases

• End of life support

• Illnesses originating in childhood

• Issues pertaining to the realisation of one's life purpose & self-acceptance

This seminar is for you if you currently:

Find it difficult to create long-term transformations with conditions that originate from childhood

Would like to advance the way you work with the Eight Extraordinary channels in your clinical practice

Hi, I'm Ann Cecil-Sterman

I help Acupuncturists confidently treat chronic disease using the Complement Channels.

For two decades, it has been my mission to help return the practice of acupuncture to its rightful and original status:
a stand-alone, dazzlingly powerful, heart-centered practice that knows no bounds, bringing healing to countless people.

I have helped thousands of Acupuncturists fall deeply in love with their practice, and remove limitations to their capacity to help their patients experience profound healings.

Learn the advanced practice of the Eight Extra channels

(Watch this FREE live teaching and demonstration) (26 minutes 31 seconds)

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In this free teaching, you will learn how to...

  • Activate Ren Mai with the vibrating technique
  • Treat loneliness with the Eight Extras
  • Needle Ren-6 using the classical method
  • Connect Heart & Kidneys
  • Tonify Spleen Qi with the 5 trajectories of Chong Mai
  • Treat genetic disorders with Chong Mai
  • Understand how the Eight Extras regulate conception
  • Treat emotional blood stagnation
  • Diagnose Chong Mai with the Tongue

The live seminar

March 28th & 29th (Tuesday & Wednesday), 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Live Patient Treatments. Understand how to apply the theory into your clinical practice by watching Ann treat live patients using the Eight Extraordinary channels. 

Learn Advanced Eight Extra Theory. Learn the foundations and advanced theory  behind the intention and function of each Eight Extra channel. 

Q&A. Have your theoretical and practical questions answered between live patient treatments.

Connect with the Classical Acupuncture Community. Ann’s seminars are the perfect place to meet like-minded Acupuncturists that live and breathe the teachings of Chinese Medicine in accordance with the classical texts. 

Last year we had practitioners attend from all around Australia and New Zealand, including Brisbane, Gold Coat, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Auckland

Yanan Kim, Founder of Project Dao, attendee of the 2022 Divergent Seminar, Australia

“This workshop was nothing short of enchantment.. Ann’s teachings were humble and enlightening at the same time. I cried twice with joy of meeting this powerful medicine that I practice and I feel blessed to be doing what I do. I would recommend Ann’s teachings to anyone who seeks to be inspired to do deeper healing for their own patients as well as themselves as practitioners.”

Ann Cecil-Sterman was the first person in history to publish step-by-step protocols on the use of the complement channels of acupuncture as practices in alignment with the classical texts (the Sinews, Luo, Divergents and Eight Extraordinary channels).

She closely followed her teacher Jeffrey Yuen, the 88th generation Daoist Master of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai lineage, for 22 years in order to collate this information and pioneer a revolution in how Acupuncture is practiced in the modern world.

Ann's teachings are rooted in the classics, and often leave her students feeling deeply connected to the authenticity of the medicine, and capable of achieving profound results for their patients.

Ann is the author of three critically acclaimed Acupuncture textbooks, including Advanced Acupuncture: A clinic manual, The Art of Pulse Diagnosis, and Tongue Diagnosis: Visible Responses to Pathology


The event will be professionally recorded and made available for 3 weeks to those that purchase a ‘Recording Access’ ticket.

Yes. The Eight Extras are the most familiar of the complement channels to students of TCM. For this reason, they are the perfect introduction to classical acupuncture.

Not necessarily, however to get the most out of the seminar, it is recommended you read pages 218-336 of ‘Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinic Manual.’ You can purchase the physical book using the link below, however do note you will receive a 15% discount via email when you sign up to watch the free teaching. 

Advanced Acupuncture

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