Coronavirus Help for the Profession

Live Offerings

Ripples in the Pond with Ann Cecil-Sterman

Daily at 3:15pm EDT
A 20 minute daily mass distance treatment for the world conducted by acupuncturists all over the world simultaneously and lead by Ann.

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Riding the Wave
with Andrew Sterman

Weekly, Saturdays at 4:00pm EDT
A weekly group meditation focused on embracing change, led by Andrew Sterman. 

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Qigong Class with Andrew Sterman

Sunday/Wednesday/Friday at 4pm EDT
Qigong instruction for immunity and fearlessness in the time of corona. No experience required.

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Blogs and Articles

Coronavirus Combat Mission
by Ann Cecil-Sterman

A Dietary Response to Staying Healthy During a Epidemic
by Andrew Sterman

Coronavirus Blog Number 3
By Ann Cecil-Sterman

Grief and the Coronavirus
By Ann Cecil-Sterman

‘Dr Who Predicted Covid-19 Answers All’
Dr. Zach Bush


Grief and the Coronavirus


Qigong for Patients 

Remote Healing: a Virtual Acupuncture Coronavirus Protocol
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