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8 monthly payments of $997 USD (total $7970)

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Weekly Live Lectures with 9 Detailed Modules and 25 Main Lessons. From pre-treatment to post-treatment, I’ll help you get your mindset right, refine your diagnostic skills, and treat any conditions with each of the complement channels

     VALUE $12,000 USD

Weekly Q & A’s, 24+ Sessions . This is the opportunity to have all your questions answered, so you can easily digest, assimilate and incorporate the theory and practice into your life

     VALUE $2,500 USD

Group Mentoring, 24+ Sessions . In this time, you will bring your case studies and clinical questions to the discussion to help you integrate the teachings into your clinical practice. This time will also be spent discussing pre-recorded live patient treatments, where you watch and ask questions about the art of practicing the complement channels.

     VALUE $2,500 USD

Bonus 1 - Value $750 USD

Classical Food Principles & Dietary Strategies Course. 

If you’d like to know the exact dietary advice to give your patients after any Complement Channel treatment, this bonus course will help you maximize your patients long-term success. These teachings will help you know exactly which ingredients could be holding your patient’s condition in place, and what to do about it. This section is taught by Andrew Sterman, for 22 years, a student of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen’s in food, herbs and qigong

Bonus 2 - Value $750 USD

Classical Formula & Herbal Medicine Course. 

By the end of this bonus course, you will seamlessly compliment your Acupuncture treatments with a Herbal formula that perfectly aligns with your intention. This section is taught by Andrew Sterman, for 22 years, a student of Jeffrey Yuen’s in food, herbs and qigong

Bonus 3 - Value $2,000 USD

Needling Technique for points along the Trajectories. 

If you’re unsure on how to needle the Acupuncture points on any Complement Channel, these bonus tutorials will walk you through a thorough demonstration on how to location and needle every single point

Bonus 4 - Value $450 USD

1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Ann Cecil-Sterman & Cody Dodo

Toward the conclusion of your 6 month mentorship, you will be mentored directly by Ann in a 20 minute 1:1 consultation during which you will voice any doubt you have about your ability in the clinic that you did not feel comfortable raising in the group mentorship sessions. You will also have 3x 20 minute private sessions with Cody Dodo throughout the program. 

Bonus 5 - Value $120 USD

Ghost / Entity Workshop 

This bonus workshop will train you on the step-by-step Classical Protocols to diagnosing and treating entities, so you can feel equipped to deal with unusual and complex psycho-emotional conditions.

Bonus 6 - Value $500 USD

Channel Meditations

Experience a guided meditation on each of the Complement Channels with Ann live, so you can viscerally connect to the energetics of each trajectory when treating. 

Bonus 7 - Value $500 USD

Exclusive Access to Advanced Ann Chat

Enjoy 2 months free access to Ann’s newest Advanced Chat, exclusive to those that have completed the mentorship. In this bonus, you will gain complete access to live-courses, past classes, a private podcast and much more!

Bonus 8 - Value $2,000 USD

Course Material Discount

Each participant will receive discounts on required textbooks, and free access to bonus supplementary course material, live-demonstration recordings and module guides. At the completion of this mentorship, provided you have attended a minimum of 2 live seminars since 2021 with Ann, you will become certified in the practice of Classical Acupuncture. 

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To see what you'll be learning.. *Note the lesson sequence is subject to change

In one of the most important modules of the mentorship, you will learn how to manage your thoughts, hold space, cultivate your state as a practitioner and show up consistently

  • Lecture 1 – Managing Your Mind
  • BONUS – How to Prescribe Food effectively in a therapeutic relationship

In this module you’ll learn how to work with patients in a way that guides them from the beginning to end of their condition. You will learn how to create genuine optimism, handle objections, and navigate difficult conversations.  

  • Lecture 2 – The Therapeutic Relationship

By the time you have finished this module, you will know how to treat conditions originating between the ages of 0-7 years

  • Lecture 3 – Chong Mai, Dai Mai, Da Bao & Bao Mai
  • Lecture 4 – Ren Mai & Du Mai
  • Lecture 5 – Yin Wei Mai & Yang Wei Mai
  • Lecture 6 – Yin Qiao Mai & Yang Qiao Mai
  • BONUS: Combining Food and Herbal Formulas with Eight Extraordinary Treatments 

In this module you’ll learn how to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions (both external and internal) and dermatological conditions.

  • Lecture 7 – Sinew Channel Theory
  • Lecture 8 – Sinew Needling Technique and Trajectories
  • Lecture 9 –Treating all conditions through the Sinew Framework
  • BONUS: Combining Herbal Formulas & Food with Sinew Treatments

By the time you have finished this module, you’ll know how to treat Psycho-emotional and Blood-related pathologies

  • Lecture 10 – Luo Channel Theory
  • Lecture 11 – Luo needling technique and Psycho-Emotional Pathologies 1
  • Lecture 12 – Psycho-Emotional Pathologies 2
  • Lecture 13 – Treating all conditions through the Luo Framework
  • BONUS – Combining Herbal Formulas & Food with Luo Treatments

In this module, you will reinvent your understanding of the Primary Channels through the Classical lens. You’ll learn the classical diagnostic parameters and organ functions, including the most important point functions, point locations and needling techniques

  • Lecture 14 – Classical Theory of the Primary Channels
  • Lecture 15 – Classical Point Functions and branch functions
  • Lecture 16 – Point locations and Needling techniques for key points on the primary channels 1
  • Lecture 17 – Point locations and Needling techniques for key points on the primary channels 2
  • BONUS – Ghost/Entity Workshop

In this crucial module, we will integrate all our previous lessons into the practice of Classical Pulse Diagnosis, where you will leave having confidence in your ability to understand the pulse and derive the most relevant treatment plan

  • Lecture 18 – Pulse Mindset & Pulse Qualities 1
  • Lecture 19 – Pulse Qualities 2, Directional Pulses, Complement Channel pulses
  • BONUS – Remote Pulse-taking
  • Lecture 20 – Pulse practice
  • BONUS – Identifying Dietary Imbalances through pulse diagnosis

In this module, you will learn how to confidently treat to reverse chronic degenerative disease

  • Lecture 21 – Divergent Theory
  • Lecture 22 – Divergent Trajectories & Point Functions 1
  • Lecture 23 – Divergent Trajectories & Point Functions 2
  • Lecture 24 – Treating all conditions through the Divergent Framework
  • BONUS – Combining Herbal Formulas & Food with Divergent Channel Treatments

In this last module you will learn to read the body’s response to pathology through tongue diagnosis so you can confidently perform remote treatments.

  • Lecture 25 – Theory & Case Studies 1
  • Lecture 26 – Case Studies 2
  • Lecture 27 – Case Studies 3
  • BONUS – Identifying Dietary Imbalances through Tongue Diagnosis

Tuition Fee

You will gain access to $21,600 USD worth of lectures, trainings, bonuses and mentoring  for $7970

$21,600 USD


$7970 USD



$997 USD

8 monthly payments of $997 USD (total $7970)