Becoming Healthy, Staying Healthy (PDF Download)

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Based on decades of busy clinical practice, Ann Cecil-Sterman’s latest book is unique—compact and filled with ancient treasures, simple methods and practices to help bring the body to a better state of health and maintain it. At a time of endless fads, she reaches back to millennia-tested gems, tools everyone can use at home.

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Ann has crafted a tome of telling and time-honored truths. Instructive,
informative and humorous, it’s a great guide to living well.
As I enter my fifth decade as a marathon runner, I continue to do so
with Ann’s sage and timely advice. Brava, Ann!
—Neil Bender, President, William Gottlieb Real Estate

It is hard to overstate the power of the teachings contained in
Becoming Healthy, Staying Healthy. In today’s society we are bombarded by
medicine practices that treat symptoms instead of root causes.
Ann reveals in distilled form some of the most esoteric and powerful health
and energy practices the world has ever known, refined through millennia
of human existence, and makes them accessible for all to use.
Read this book, follow her guidance, and start living your best life!
—Patrick Lynch, Entrepreneur and CEO

We often find ourselves stuck in unnatural patterns due to unnatural levels of stress,
seeking quick fixes and band aid solutions to the wear and tear of everyday life.
Ann is a master of Classical Chinese medicine and her book is like a bible for
healthy living in a modern world—a timeless guide to the most natural way of being.
Reading it is a homecoming of the soul.
—Sepideh Moafi, Actor, singer and activist

As a patient, dear friend and colleague of Ann’s, I have been waiting for this moment
where her wisdom, grace and stellar communication will be available for many.
This book is a poetic symphony of concise passages for living a healthy life.
It is accessible and doable! Not to mention, beautiful—in words and in photographs.
She narrates the wisdom of classical Chinese Medicine with such grace and ease,
it’s truly a joy to read!
—Abby Raphel, Founder: The Redwoods Initiative and Blank Canvas Method


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