Classical Pulse Diagnosis

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This course is NCCAOM® approved for 12.5 PDA points
This course is approved by California Acupuncture Board (currently awaiting renewal)

Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction, Text, Diagrams, Quizzes
Time to Complete: Self-Paced (12.5 hours)
Instructor: Ann Cecil-Sterman
Prerequisite: None

Permanent, Unlimited Access: Play, learn, pause, replay as much as you like, for years!

This course is suitable for anyone interested in the art of pulse diagnosis. The course is self-paced, with 12.5 CEU hours.  New students may take longer, advanced clinicians will also find much of interest to deepen their pulse skill and nuance.

In this comprehensive and engaging video course, Ann Cecil-Sterman explores the intricate and deeply nuanced art of pulse diagnosis. Carefully pieced together through many years of highly calibrated training and private practice with thousands of patients, this rare course—the very first of its kind—explains the fascinating multi-dimensional tapestry that is the art of pulse taking. Participants feel the development of an intimate understanding of this beautiful skill.

This course was produced by Cody Dodo

Pulse diagnosis can be a difficult art to learn. As is familiar in Ann’s teaching style, the course begins with basic parameters to establish the ground work, then expands to complex and advanced concepts. This very rich and detailed class provides a full theoretical framework for development of well-grounded depth and precision in diagnosis and treatment.

Ann is particularly excited to be including in this video course the rare method of directional (also known as dynamic) pulse reading, referred to in the classical texts and written about in detail in her book The Art of Pulse Diagnosis. Modern practitioners of acupuncture and herbal medicine generally make pulse diagnoses from “static pulses”—taking the pulse without moving the fingers. However, when pulse taking was at the peak of its development and sophistication in the Han dynasty, fine and complex finger movements were made to discern the nature of the communication (including the blockages) between organs.

Through this course, you will:
• understand the parameters of depth, width, length, tempo, and texture of all pulses and their implications in all positions
• gain the ability to diagnose issues with organ function by probing the pulse
• learn a thorough step-by-step method of taking pulses
• learn how to identify blockages in the diaphragm and in the belt channel in the pulses
• learn to make clear diagnoses without relying on signs and symptoms
• learn to diagnose pulses for all the channels of acupuncture, including the Sinews, Divergents, and the Eight Extra Channels

A note from Ann about this course:
Hello All,
If you’ve found your way to this page, I imagine that you’re at least a little interested in pulse diagnosis, the jewel in the crown of Chinese Medicine. In the field, it’s often taught as nearly unattainable; some even teach it as requiring “natural talent” rather than learning. But in this course, we aim to completely dispel these notions. No matter how little you feel you know, we think you’ll get the feeling that pulse taking is approachable, achievable, fascinating and profound. I’m very grateful to Cody and Mark who handled all the technical aspects of the course production. The result is a clear transmission for which I’m so grateful. If you take this course, you will have access that does not expire on the site. So you can take it as many times as you like, refer to it from time to time, and use it as a resource whenever you have a question. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Sending love to all,

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  1. Jeanne Reilly (verified owner)

    Ann, I want to particularly thank you for the online pulse class. WOW. It has been incredibly inspiring, clarifying, and helpful– truly such a gift. I keep thinking of an image from the movie The Wizard of Oz– that moment when the movie changes from black and white to technicolor as she steps into Oz. That’s how I feel– as if I had been viewing the pulse in black and white, but your course has added in layers and layers of brilliant color. The acupuncture community is very blessed to have access to these teachings in such a generous and clear way. With immense gratitude,

    Jeanne Reilly, Brooklyn, USA

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