Cooking Like an Herbalist, with Andrew Sterman

USD $90.00

Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction*
Length: 4 x 2 hour lessons (over 8 hours of total lesson time)
Instructor:  Andrew Sterman

This is the recorded version of ‘Cooking Like An Herbalist’ live course, held in February/March of 2022 via Zoom

Join Andrew Sterman in the kitchen to bring herbal theory into home cooking for health and just plain good eating. In this course, Andrew will share the most important herbal strategies of Li Dong Yuan, founder of the School of Nourishing Stomach and Spleen, and show how they can be authentically applied to food selection and preparation.  Andrew will present the herbal formulas and explain how to implement their encoded strategies in the kitchen in a way that is accessible to all.  

Cooking techniques are demonstrated and explained.  

Gain confidence in healing with food for yourself, family, or patients using these profound yet practical insights. Open to all, home cooks and clinicians, no prerequisites required.



Week 1:  Building Blood, Building Qi
Week 2:  Sorting Digestive Chaos
Week 3:  Dredging Yin Fire, the Emotions
Week 4:  Putting It All Together


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