Food and Healing: A Deep Introduction Into How Foods Work in Eight Sessions with Andrew Sterman

USD $200.00

Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction*
Length: 8 x 2 hour lessons (over 16 hours of total lesson time)
Instructor:  Andrew Sterman

Permanent, Unlimited Access: Play, learn, pause, replay as much as you like, for years!

*This online course is the recorded version of the Food and Healing Live Course, recorded in October/November 2020. Enrollment in this online course grants permanent and unlimited access to the full recordings, as well as recipes etc

Included in this course:
– over 30 downloadable recipes
– recorded Q&A with Andrew
– quizzes for each lesson

This course is for everyone who eats, all backgrounds and interests welcome.  Each class will include some recipes so that principles can become practice right away.

Digestion is the centerpiece of all health.  From appealing health-supportive cooking to precise dietary medicine, there is an art to shopping, meal planning, and cooking. There is a hidden knowledge of how foods interact with us.  In this eight-week live online course, we will discuss:

    • the specific energetics of most common foods,
    • how those foods work with different parts of our internal health,
    • how to build meals that digest well and taste good, and
    • the important roles of different cooking methods.

Too often foods are recommended in lists of “good or bad”, “must have” or “must avoid”.  Here we will understand how to know what can support us as individuals, including approaches for existing health problems or protecting immune strength needed for times of pandemic.

This approach merges energetics from classical Chinese medicine with contributions from Western nutrition science, focusing on foods readily available in any food market, tailored for the modern table.

Lesson 1: Building the Spectrum of Foods—the Three Levels of Qi, the Five Elements, and the Internal Organ Affinities
Lesson 2: Grains
Lesson 3: Green Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Squash, Gourds,  Sprouts
Lesson 4: Meats, Fish, Seafood, Poultry
Lesson 5: Nuts, Seeds
Lesson 6: Seaweeds, Mushrooms, Beans
Lesson 7: Fruits
Lesson 8: Spices & Kitchen Herbs


About Andrew: 

Andrew Sterman is author of Welcoming Food: Diet as Medicine for Home Cooks and Other Healers (Classical Wellness Press, New York, 2020).  In New York City or remotely, Andrew works with clients in the disciplines of dietary therapy, medical qigong, and meditation, and writes a popular column for the Golden Flower Chinese Herbs newsletter.  Andrew first entered Chinese medicine through qigong and taiji in 1988.  He began studying the healing potential of food at the same time at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School.  Seeking to deepen his understanding of food energetics, Andrew began formal study of Chinese herbal medicine, diagnostics, medical theory, and dietary therapy with Master Jeffrey Yuen in 2001.  Andrew’s parallel career as a professional musician enables him to travel extensively and learn from chefs of many cultures, further inspiring him to discover unique ways to incorporate food and healing into daily cooking routines.  At home, Andrew cooks for his wife, author and acupuncturist Ann Cecil-Sterman, and their two children.


“Andrew is such a treasure of knowledge. I feel so fortunate to have been able to hear him speak about how to nourish our bodies during this pandemic time. Much gratitude!”

“Grounded, common sense, but very profound. This course was what I was looking for”

“I wish to thank you personally as you have changed my life. I never fully grasped the role of food in Chinese Medicine before, due to all the weird ingredients I had never heard. However, after listening to you, I found I resonate with your explanations and inquisitive, joyful nature.  My inability to obtain acceptance as a good cook has been an insurmountable source of grief and guilt my whole life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for deeply changing my life and love of life through the delights of eating without guilt but with intention”

“We loved listening to Andrew’s incredible insights on the healing power and energetics of food, and his passion for passing on his knowledge to others.   We would highly recommend his wonderful books – Welcoming Food, Volumes 1 and 2.     The books are beautifully written, and his recipe for ‘Poached Pears’ – and the exquisite sauce that accompanies the pears – is so delicious!”


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