Herbs as Insight Elixir: Introduction to the use of Herbs for Spirit [Requires purchase of set herbs]

USD $150.00

Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction*
Length: 5 x 2 hour lessons 
Instructor:  Andrew Sterman

Participation in this course requires herbs. We will supply the herbs as granules at a special price ($182), thanks to Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy in New York. A link to purchase the herbs will be sent to you upon registration.
Once our current supply is depleted, we will be ordering directly through Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy in NYC. Pricing will be at the discounted rate as long as that can last (Andrew is hoping these herbs remain discounted for us indefinitely)


One of the golden secrets of the Chinese Medicine tradition is a coded program of highest level herbs selected for awakening a new vision for one’s life, selected by Daoist master Tao Hong-Jing (456-536 CE).  When Tao Hong-Jing compiled the Shen Nong Ben Cao—the earliest herbal materia medica—he left a hidden manual for smoothing the path of personal growth and spiritual realization, a path that is open to all, regardless of affiliation or health status.  In this course we will walk this path together.

This hidden process was briefly summarized by Master Jeffrey Yuen, principal holder of the living oral tradition that included Tao Hong-Jing.  It is a profound and stunningly fresh way of looking at herbs–not as medicinals, but as gentle guides to seeing our own lives in new ways, with insight and clarity.  We are not merely supposed to know about this, we are invited to engage in it.  In this five-week series, Andrew Sterman will introduce the context of the practice, then we will drink the herbs in real time together.  This protocol amounts to a graduated path symbolically opening all essential points of health and spirituality.  Between classes each individual is encouraged to experience these simple and elegant formulas as they become friends, allies, and guides.

Once registered you will be prompted to purchase the set herbs, four simple formulas in all.  All the herbs are from the “Superior Herb Class”, suitable for everyone.


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