Kids and Food! with Andrew Sterman and Ann Cecil-Sterman

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Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction*
Length: 4 x 2 hour lessons (over 8 hours of total lesson time)
Instructor:  Andrew Sterman and Ann Cecil-Sterman

For parents, children, teachers, and everyone who loves kids!

Permanent, Unlimited Access: Play, learn, pause, replay as much as you like, for years!

When kids learn to link the way they feel to food they’ve eaten, they become much more likely to make better food choices and requests. In this class, Andrew and Ann will talk about how to cultivate your child’s inherent capacity to see the liveliness or “Qi” in food and to relate to it according to the natural laws of signature. Children will learn how a carrot works in their body, what eating a pear does for them, why green veggies will calm them down… If they understand these principles, choosing food becomes a life-long project of self-respect and self-cultivation.


This is the recorded version of ‘Kids and Food’ live course, held in March 2021 via Zoom

Lessons Included:

Eating Well is for the Whole Family
Foods Aren’t Just Nutrients, They Have Energies.
What Makes Good Meals for Growing Kids and Teens?
Question, Answers and Discussion Time

Course includes bonus cooking videos, whacky snacks and stuff kids can cook!




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