Remote Treatments


Join Ann Cecil-Sterman in a practical demonstration of the skill of remote acupuncture.

When travel is difficult or impossible due to distance, time or mobility. remote treatments are a surprisingly powerful alternative. The patient is freed from the stress of travel and expenditure of time, causing them to be more relaxed before and after the treatment.

In this brief course, you will learn about:
• how to activate an acupuncture channel or point in your remote patient
• how to command qi in your patient
• how to transmit qi from your treatment location to the patient
• setting up your room
• equipment
• personal preparation
• setting up a screen for diagnosis
• a full sample treatment
• treatment techniques for Sinew, Luo, Divergent and Eight extra channels
• use of cups, gua sha and moxa
• management of healing events as the occur on the table
• the power and beautiful nature of these treatments

The benefits of remote treatments can be very powerful.

Estimated time for course: 2 hours
Instructor: Ann Cecil-Sterman
Modalities: Video and written text.


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