The Essence of Healing With Food

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Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction*
Length: 4 x 2 hour lessons (over 8 hours of total lesson time)
Instructor:  Andrew Sterman

This is the recorded version of ‘The Essence of Healing with Food’ live course, held in December 2021 via Zoom

Diet has a central role in all health and healing.  In this series of four classes, we will consider the fundaments and evolution of dietary healing within Chinese medicine’s long history.  Theory is essential but we also need real knowledge of how to apply dietary understanding with modern foods that easily appeal to ourselves, our families, and our clients.

Here we will pair the brilliance of historical theory with easy to make modern recipes.  In this way we will learn to work with food in ways that genuinely support our planning, shopping, cooking, enjoyment, digestion, and complete health.


Week 1: Diet in the Chinese Medicine classics—Protecting Health Through Understanding the Six External Influences

Week 2: Nourishing All Parts of Our Health through the Five Tastes

Week 3: The Innovations of Li Dong-Yuan—Learning to Discern and Rectify the Internal Influences, Diet and Emotions.

Week 4: Difficult Cases—Theory, Practice, and Recipes


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