The Sixteen Stages of Breathwork of the Buddha, taught by Andrew Sterman

USD $125.00

Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction*
Length: 4 x 2 hour lessons (over 8 hours of total lesson time)
Instructor:  Andrew Sterman

This is the recorded version of ‘The Sixteen Stages of Breathwork of the Buddha’ live course, held in May 2021 via Zoom

Permanent, Unlimited Access: Play, learn, pause, replay as much as you like, for years!

One of the oldest teachings attributed to the historical Buddha is the complete path of Sixteen Stages of Breathwork. This teaching is open to all people of all stripes. In this class, through experiential learning, we’ll build a complete practice to carry forward with us in any way we wish. As always, Andrew will teach through stories while making practical correlations with diet, modern lifestyles and spiritual progress.

Open to all, regardless of affiliation or background. Wear comfortable clothing.

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1: Breath and the Body: Relaxing What is Bound

Lesson 2: Breath and our Energy: Freeing Joy

Lesson 3: Breath and the Mind: Focusing Clarity

Lesson 4: Breath Beyond Convention: Exploring What Only Seemed to Be Hidden


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