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This course is NCCAOM® approved for 13 PDA points

Format: Pre-recorded Video Instruction, Text, Diagrams, Quizzes
Time to Complete: Self-Paced (13 hours)
Instructor: Ann Cecil-Sterman
Prerequisite: None

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Suitable for anyone interested in tongue diagnosis.
Self-paced, with 13 CEU hours.  

This course was produced by Cody Dodo

Tongue diagnosis is an intriguing and dynamic art. It involves so much more than overlaying the standard tongue maps. In its full comprehensive form, tongue diagnosis can convey enormous amounts of information to the practitioner. The system of tongue diagnosis described in this course is derived entirely on classical Chinese medical theory and is able to indicate:

  • the status of fluids and blood
  • the status of qi of all kinds
  • the presence and location blockages
  • the locations of heat, cold and dampness
  • the nature of organ function issues
  • whether an issue is pre- or post-natal
  • whether an illness is internal or external
  • whether an illness is acute or chronic
  • whether there are enough resources to mount an attempt to evacuate an illness
  • the channels affected by the illness

The course assumes little or no knowledge and progresses logically and carefully to advanced concepts. It begins by establishing basic parameters with detailed explanations, illustrated with photographs. More and more building blocks are added and before the course arrives at a detailed step-by-step tongue diagnosis protocol. The result is that the student gains the capacity to make good and pertinent full diagnoses from the tongue, entirely avoiding the temptation to diagnose from signs and symptoms, a common pitfall when diagnosing over a video screen. The course is not short and not too long—participants stay engaged and interested. We think you’ll enjoy it very much.

A note from Ann about this course:
Dear All,
Thanks for your interest in our tongue diagnosis course. This course is not only for acupuncturists, but for people in any profession who want to be able to make comprehensive, workable diagnoses in the style of classical Chinese medicine by the act of looking. What can be deduced from the tongue still amazes me.
You’ll enjoy access to the course that does not expire on the site, so you can take the course as many times as you like, refer to it from time to time, and use it as a resource whenever you have a question. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Warmest wishes to all,

3 reviews for Tongue Diagnosis Online Course

  1. Jan Bull

    Dear Ann, as with all your teachings, the tongue diagnosis course lured me into amazement and reverence for the wisdom of the medicine. And in the midst of amazement, you dive layer by layer into the complexity and nuance of what we can glean from tongue analysis in a way I’ve never before seen. Your explanation of the tongue as a mirror of pathology elucidates so much theory I learned in school and saw in clinic about internal, versus external heat and cold and its progression. I had no idea about the progression of cracks, or the wei qi, ying, yuan representation on the tongue layers. In actuality, I had no idea about the tongue at all it turns out. The classical teaching I received simply didn’t cut it and I wish that I’d had this info so much earlier. It is proving enormously valuable in working with clients. My big take away about Heat and moisture and damp is huge huge huge and invaluable to understand.
    Thanks so much
    Jan Bull

  2. Ria Concepcion

    Tongue diagnosis proved to be a powerful and necessary skill given the recent limitations of the pandemic where avenues like the pulse were not available and remote sessions grew out of need. This course went into deeper dimensions of what the tongue can reveal of a person’s history and current conditions beyond what is usually covered in the study of Chinese medicine and other books on tongue diagnosis. The explanations are very detailed and in-depth while clear, includes diagnosis with the Complement channels, Wen-Bing, and case studies. I especially like how Ann broke down approaching diagnosis depending on your level of knowledge and comfort with observing the tongue, as well as time limitations one might have to make a diagnosis. This made it very accessible as a student to continue growing in sharpening this skill. Thank you, Ann!

  3. Susan Guinn

    During these times of remote learning I have especially enjoyed taking Ann Cecil Sterman’s remote classes. Her latest, Tongue diagnosis, has been a wonderful guide in practicing my remote treatments.
    She has many years experience in Chinese Medicine and she has generously and creatively put together a system of how to observe the tongue after observing the pulses and often recommends a treatment strategy.
    The course is for all levels of practitioners. I find it to be a useful reference for reviewing and i especially appreciate that i can log into my account and aways have access to the lectures. They are a gem of knowledge in a complicated world of medicine.
    Sue Guinn L.Ac

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