Get extensive hands-on training.
Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Pulse Diagnosis is the most effective diagnostic tool─the jewel in the crown─of Chinese Medicine

The problem is, most practitioners lack confidence or feel inadequate in their skills

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

• Identify your patients' symptoms before they tell you

• Read aspects of the psycho-emotional state of your clients

• Enter the deep meditative art that pulse diagnosis offers

• Have certainty in your diagnosis

• Know after needling whether your treatment landed

• Gain more trust from your patients

After 20 years of study with Master Jeffrey Yuen, Ann has distilled what she received of Classical Pulse Diagnosis into a step-by-step framework that anybody can learn and master.

This workshop is for you if you...

• Would like comprehensive training in a complete classical system of pulse diagnosis

• Seldom, or often don't, know what you're feeling for

• Second guess what you feel in the pulse

• Are dissatisfied with your formal education and would like to understand what pulse qualities feel like

• Would like to overcome the limitations on your ability to become a proficient pulse reader

Hi, I'm Ann Cecil-Sterman

I help Acupuncturists confidently treat chronic disease using the Complement Channels.

For two decades, it has been my mission to help return the practice of acupuncture to its rightful and original status:
a stand-alone, dazzlingly powerful, heart-centered practice that knows no bounds, bringing healing to countless people.

I have helped thousands of Acupuncturists fall deeply in love with their practice and remove limitations to their capacity to help their patients experience profound healing.


“This was my first live class with Ann and it was more than I expected it to be. The class was engaging and intense. Ann right away was diving deep into the hidden psycho emotional and physical pains, skillfully navigating the questioning of very sensitive subjects and never letting her charge go. Watching her pulse taking, constructing the treatment, needling techniques--I felt I was being with a true Master and left the class hungry for more. Looking forward to the next class! Thank you so much for keeping the transmission going."”


Ann's pulse class changed my life! I went from not knowing anything about pulses and never taking them to knowing more than most of my colleagues I work with on one weekend class. It was so amazing and she gave us the information in such a way that it really was easy to understand and utilise."


Free teaching

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Ann was the first person in history to publish step-by-step protocols on using the complement channels of acupuncture as practiced in alignment with the classical texts (the Sinews, Luo, Divergent and Eight Extraordinary channels).

She closely followed her teacher Jeffrey Yuen, the 88th-generation Daoist Master of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai lineage, for many years to collate this information and pioneer a revolution in how Acupuncture is practiced in the modern world.

Ann's teachings are rooted in the classics, and often leave her students feeling deeply connected to the authenticity of the medicine, and capable of achieving profound results for their patients.

Ann is the author of three critically acclaimed Acupuncture textbooks, including Advanced Acupuncture: A clinic manual, The Art of Pulse Diagnosis, and Tongue Diagnosis: Visible Responses to Pathology


Yes, this is a practical class where you will have many opportunities to feel the different pulse qualities and vectors.

The event will be professionally recorded and all live attendees will receive permanent access to the film.

Yes, this class is suitable for students  and beginner-advanced practitioners

No. It is, however, strongly recommended to have a copy of Ann’s book ‘The Art of Pulse Diagnosis.’

If you don’t mind missing the practical component, you’re more than welcome to sign up for the recording. To discuss this option, contact Jordan at the email below:

[email protected]

14.5 CPD’s are available for this seminar.