The Slippery pulse indicates the presence of Dampness.  

Diet is not the only cause of Dampness, of course.  Over thinking weakens the Spleen, making it less able to resolve Dampness.  

The word slippery also implies tightness.  This is for two reasons: firstly, Dampness constricts the flow of Qi, Yin, Blood and Fluids, and secondly, areas that are deficient are tight because of a mechanism of compensation.  The body is trying to retain the medium it feels is in short supply.  The Slippery pulse is sometimes considered to measure equally in its lateral and vertical cross-section, giving it a “diameter”.  A Slippery pulse is generally Rapid because where there is Damp stagnation there is Heat, as the body uses Heat to break up the stagnation.  The emergence of Slippery pulses during the early phases of digestion and during pregnancy is normal and does not need to be treated.