Wiry, Bowstring

Feels like: Wiry means that you have constriction all around the vessel, as though the radial artery is cinched or gripped by a belt along its entire circumference.  A Wiry pulse stays constricted at all pressures without any hollowing or giving way.  If a pulse is very Wiry, often you cannot push it down to the level below it. 

A Wiry pulse indicates long-term Qi stagnation.  An extended period of Long pulses precedes the formation of Wiry pulses.  Long pulses indicate the body is exceeding its limits by retaining too much Dampness, or even too much mediumship (Blood and Fluids).  If this goes on long enough and is not addressed, the body can eventually  try to rein in the excess to contain it, in an attempt to stop the body containing more.  During that process and as a result of that process, the pulses become strangulated, Wiry.  This is an example of the conversion of Yin to Yang; the body has created resistance and closure after an untenable situation reached its limits.  A long-term overflow of Yin leads to the summoning of Yang to control it.  

Since a Wiry pulse is a pulse of constraint, emotions are not in free flow and frustration sets in.  A Wiry pulse often reveals a patient’s feeling of deep constraint.  There might be a feeling of being trapped or a feeling that there is no opportunity for any sense of liberation.  This could also manifest as physical pain.  There may be a sense of suffocation or a feeling that there is nothing to stimulate a sense of animation or action.  If very Wiry, anger can transmute to violence.