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If you have been thinking, “I feel so deeply that there must be more to my practice of acupuncture,” I’d like to say to you that acupuncture is a deep, startlingly complete, far-reaching healing modality and a way of applying a profound philosophy, and it’s more relevant than ever.  And yes, advanced acupuncture can be learned and practiced.

What is Advanced Acupuncture?

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Ann Cecil-Sterman

The Answer Lurks

An interesting question came in this week:  “I‘ve been working with a client who for years has had a stubborn

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Ann Cecil-Sterman

Professional Confusion

Can I combine what you teach with my current practice? This good question is sometimes asked by prospective students.At first

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Ann Cecil-Sterman

Birthright of Calm

Currently I’m in the fourth week of teaching a six month course in acupuncture to a group of beautiful individuals,

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