They (the classes) were deeply meaningful and have already impacted my clinical practice profoundly. I look forward to more.

Melinda Wheeler, Portland, Oregon

I will take any class with Ann that I can take. Being in her classes and around the community being formed opens me up as a person and clarifies who I am as a healer.

Yvette Koch, Providence, Rhode Island

I just want to say that I have found Ann’s classes to be truly transformative. I am honored to be able to learn from her. Her classes are amazing.

Kristen Lum, Granada Hills, California

These classes have reignited the faith i had in this medicine when i set out on this path, but was squashed and dampened in acupuncture school. i am so grateful for this.

Kaleb Kilkenny, New York, New York

Her pulse class changed my life! I went from not knowing anything about pulses and never taking them to knowing more than most of my colleagues I work with in one weekend class. It was so amazing and she gave us the information in such a way that it really was easy to understand and utilise.

Jill Chiorazzo, Garfield, New Jersey

Ann’s teachings and transmission of her lineage of the complement channels is nothing short of inspiring and transformative. She embodies integrity, dedication and focus. They are simply amazing and life changing. It is a pleasure and an honor to learn from Ann. Please continue! Oh actually I would say, especially for the folks that are coming from afar, having an extra day with Ann or Andrew on either side of the weekend would make the trip even more amazing. Many thanks.

Armin Madani-Nejad, Vancouver, Canada

The classes are amazing, I finally feel like I can grasp the information.

Tara Greenberg, Torrance, California

Ann’s teaching is devoted to the needs of the people, while rooted in the classics it inspires an infinite wonder of possibilities in real life.

Marco Ragghianti, Italy

All I can say is that she’s a remarkable teacher with a very well organized mind and a great ability to fill her students with confidence and enthusiasm with Classical Chinese Medicine.

Monica Martin, Barcelona, Spain

Really inspired by Ann’s teachings and Master Yuen’s teachings to the point that I am seriously considering Acupuncture School this Fall 2019

Kelly Meyer, Lopez Island, Washington

I have loved them all so far! So powerful, thank you <3

Sarah Coghlan, Brooklyn, New York

Ann Cecil-Sterman gives her students the concrete skills we need in order to begin practicing the complement channels with good effect in our practices the moment we return to our offices. She gives openly and clearly with the intent of encouraging this medicine to be accessible to and understood by a diverse and widely spread group of practitioners, just as her teacher Jeffrey Yuen has done. I always have this feeling of the breadth and weight of our medicine after a weekend in Ann’s classroom. But most importantly I go back to my clinic and there is more clarity, more specificity, more depth to the treatments, and with that an awareness that we are part of a global trend in Chinese medicine that humanity needs more than ever right now.

Martha Oatis, New York, NY.

The classes have been fantastic. Inspiring, clear, and immediately applicable. Seeing so many real patients has been invaluable. I am grateful!

Jeanne Reilly, Brooklyn, New York

I really appreciate Ann’s willingness to take questions! And love that she uses the large paper pad. If I were to add anything, it would be some more early morning meditation to help prep us for the work, like we did in August! And perhaps I am REALLY dreaming now, but some qigong with Andrew at the end of the day or as he saw appropriate…. 🙂

Amy Matthews, Lopez Island

I use sinew channels all the time now.

Terri Lukyn, Squamish, Canada

Ann please just keep doing what you have been, you are such a gifted doctor and mentor and your enthusiasm for this art and medicine is so powerful and gives your students confident to apply these complement channels to our own practices!

Kristina Hou, New York, New York

Generous instructor teaching important material.

Debra Lee Gertz, Syracuse, New York

The courses have all been well structured, on time, and concise. Treatment demos are invaluable.

Burton Moomaw, Boone, North Carolina

All of the classes I have taken with Ann thus far have been unique in format (the size, the level of intimacy, the location, etc.) and I’ve found all of them engaging and special. Thank you!

Amanda Dobron, Chicago, Illinois

Once again, I am ever so grateful that I am a student of Ann and Classical Acupuncture. My dream of a COMPLETE and EFFECTIVE version of acupuncture is coming true, and the burden on my sinews, luos, divergents, primaries and 8 extras is lessening by the day!

Joslyn Dugas, Kansas City, Missouri

Pulse class was the greatest especially making sure that every person in the room was partnered instead of typical seminars where cliques form.

George Chachis, Yardley, Pennsylvania

Clear and insightful teaching experienced in a beautiful ambience and spiritual people. Thank you!

Daphne Thompson, Victoria, Australia