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Reading the Pulse and Finding the Beating Heart, by Louise Beach

I rode up in the elevator to the Acupuncture Master Class with some of the attending acupuncturists, many of whom had flown in from distant parts of the world to study with the master practitioner and teacher who had extensive experience with cancer patients. I wanted to become invisible as they chatted away about the

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Nurturing Naivete – by Marc Luchs

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.  James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name We need to recognise the diversity of epistemologies and knowledge systems that have helped us in protecting the planet and ensuring our well-being. We need to unleash our diverse, interconnected

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Peripheral Vision Can Help Us Solve This Crisis, by Marc Luchs

We all want to feel safe, especially now.  Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum between “free spirit” and “control freak”,  at some point even the freest of spirits among us meets their match and battens down the hatches. So maybe feeling safe means being in as much control as we feel we need

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How does remote acupuncture work? – by Martha Oatis

June 02, 2020 Q: How does remote acupuncture work? A: When you receive acupuncture, needles are inserted with careful thought to location, the purpose or intention of each needle, and to how they are relating to one another. The acupuncture channels (both primary and complementary channels) are simply part of our anatomy. They are our

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by Burton Moomaw (North Carolina, USA)

I have been so inspired by Ann’s weekly blogs and wanted to share a case with you all that will hopefully expand that inspiration. The cosmos has recently once again taken me to school  on the sinew channels with case after case coming in the door. We are so fortunate to have these amazing channels

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