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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles into the body to allow it to relax in a specific way, releasing blockages that are causing illnesses. Energy in the body flows in pathways and when these pathways are not free and open, there is imbalance ranging from mild discomfort to serious diseases. Acupuncture is a little like changing the traffic lights to green on your body’s energy-roads.

At the moment of death, the entire physical body is present. The blood, the humors, the flesh, all the organs, everything is present. The only difference between a body at the point of death and the previous minute, is that the body’s animating energy has departed. Chinese Medicine calls this energy Qi (pronounced chi). Qi flows in many distinct lines known as channels. Acupuncture is the art of reminding Qi of its freedom in the channels. The free flow of Qi results in physical harmony and freedom from illness.

What is Advanced Acupuncture?

Advanced Acupuncture, sometimes called Classical Acupuncture is a term that implies the use of all the channels of acupuncture and differs from modern acupuncture which treats fewer channels. Advanced acupuncture is an ancient, comprehensive, highly sophisticated, stand-alone practice. It is acupuncture in its original form. Many people think of acupuncture as being for pain relief, injuries and for increased energy and relaxation. While this is true, acupuncture is so much more than that. (Even the World Health Organization offers a very long list of conditions it considers treatable.) But acupuncture is bigger even than that. It is able to treat severe conditions, illnesses that are seemingly intractable. In addition, it can be used for profoundly spiritual purposes: setting a person back on the track of their unique life’s journey, calming the pain of disappointment and shifting feelings of disillusionment.

Currently in the West, we are entering a new wonderful phase marking the restoration of use of all the channels of acupuncture after a long hiatus. The number of practitioners resuming use of all the channels of acupuncture is increasing rapidly. This is tremendously important since acupuncture is profoundly effective when the practitioner has command over all 68 of its channels. They are then able to reverse or stem the progress of chronic degenerative diseases and, if desired, to use acupuncture as a spiritual compass.

The material that comprised the first book of acupuncture dates from the 5th century BCE. The knowledge was preserved in oral form, and was passed down from generation to generation. It was eventually written down in the 2nd century BCE and given the title The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, Huang Di Nei Jing. This remarkable book contained the complete practice of acupuncture: all 68 channels, complete theory, explanation of the origin and progression of diseases, needling techniques, pulse taking, and principles of healthy living.

During the 1500 years spanning the 5th century BCE and about the 10 century CE, the Chinese used all the channels of acupuncture as described in this book. They had a complete tool kit and acupuncture was able to address anything.

However, in the Song Dynasty, in the 11th and 12th Centuries CE, the government began standardizing all Chinese Medicine. As they standardized acupuncture they reduced it to a shred of its original completeness. This was due to a couple of key factors: the political climate at the time favored herbal medicine, and by this time the original text (The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic) no longer existed in its original form having been altered so much that huge tracts of it were missing. Whole classes of channels—46 out of the 68 channels were omitted from the official government approved practice of acupuncture. These included the very channels needed to treat difficult illnesses (the Divergent Channels, the Luo Channels and even the Sinew Channels).

Advanced acupuncture does not treat symptoms or diseases but rather, treats the entire being, determining where the flow of energy is impeded in the entire set of channels. Then it releases that flow to relieve the illness.

Advanced acupuncture at the very least will yield discernible improvement after between one and three treatments. Chronic degenerative diseases usually show remarkable improvement with weekly treatments within a few weeks if dietary, sleep and lifestyle habits are brought into alignment with the treatments.

The increasing number of practitioners engaged in the return to Classical teachings is resulting in a rebirth of acupuncture and its ability to treat a dazzlingly wide array of illnesses. Acupuncture lives on, offering powerful, side-effect free medical treatment for all.

Wishing you the best in your search for great acupuncture. It’s out there.

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