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Ann Cecil-Sterman

For two decades, it has been my mission to help return the practice of acupuncture to its immensely powerful roots. I teach and demonstrate material ranging from basic (but often overlooked) core principles to very complex (but completely understandable) treatment formulations.

The compact, global learning community we have formed across five continents is experiencing a renewed, extremely powerful practice.  The work we do is helping to bring acupuncture back to its rightful and original status: a stand-alone, dazzlingly powerful, heart-centered practice that knows no bounds, bringing healing to countless people.

Welcome to this community. If you’re frustrated or just ready to go deeper with acupuncture, if you just know in your heart that there must be so much more to it; if you just know that it must have been a bigger practice than the way it is often practiced now, I think you’ll be happy here and we’d be honored to have you with us as we explore this utterly marvelous arena. The purpose of this site is to connect the ever-growing community, to learn deeply, to love acupuncture, and to offer the benefits widely.

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What Is Advanced Acupuncture?

Advanced Acupuncture is a comprehensive, highly sophisticated, stand-alone practice using all 68 acupuncture channels in their entirety. It differs from modern acupuncture which focuses on selected points on the 12 Primary Channels.

During the 1500 years spanning the 5th century BCE to about the 10th century CE, the Chinese masters used all the channels of acupuncture. They had a complete tool kit and acupuncture was able to address all health concerns. 

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Meet The Team

Ann Cecil-Sterman


Andrew Sterman

Food as Medicine

Cody Dodo

Curator, Producer, Instructor

Mark Phillips

Chief Operating Officer
Classical Wellness Press Manager

About Ann Cecil-Sterman

Ann Cecil-Sterman is the author of the widely acclaimed book, Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinic Manual, a required text in many acupuncture schools in the United States. The book is considered a landmark text, known for being the first and only text with complete protocols for the practice of the Complement Channels: the Sinew, Luo, Divergent and Eight Extraordinary Channels, derived from her deep study and clinical practice. 

Her second book, The Art of Pulse Diagnosis, also acclaimed, is in use in five continents. Since her first book’s publication, Ann has travelled often, to Spain, Australia, Belgium, Italy, England, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States teaching the application and methodology of the Complement Channels, pulse diagnosis, and the use of food as medicine. For many years she taught Advanced Clinical Observation and was a senior clinic supervisor at her alma mater: the school of acupuncture that was founded by Dr Jeffrey Yuen in 1997 in Manhattan. Throughout the 3000 hour course she received direct transmissions from Dr Yuen in all the channels of acupuncture, pulse diagnosis, Chinese philosophy and clinical skills. She is one of fewer than 200 people who graduated from Dr Yuen’s school in the 13 years it was open. After graduation, Ann embarked on twelve more years of direct study, traveling to almost every city Dr Yuen was teaching, often with her children in tow. The subjects included acupuncture, food as medicine, Chinese medical history, herbal medicine, qigong, essential oils, stone as medicine, and philosophy. Currently, she divides her time between teaching both internationally and domestically, and her patients who come from all over the world, working through chronic degenerative illnesses or on personal cultivation. Ann also paints, capturing concepts of Chinese Medicine on canvas, and sometimes tours as a flutist with Philip Glass. She lives in Manhattan with her husband Andrew and their two children. 

About Cody Dodo

Cody studied Chinese Medicine with Dr Jeffery Yuen at the Swedish Institute in New York. In his years of school and additional post-graduate studies with Dr Yuen, Cody studied the complete channel system, Chinese Medical Dietary Therapy and Advanced Acupuncture. Additional studies with Dr Yuen included Psychology of Illness, History of Chinese Medicine, and the Medical Classics: Su Wen, Ling Shu, and the Nan Jing. 
Along with a deep understanding of physiology and pathology, Cody gained an understanding of the spiritual backbone of our Medicine. The philosophical ideas transmitted by Dr Yuen are woven into every aspect of healing from diagnosis to treatment. Cody believes that understanding the philosophy can explain the medicine, and knowing the medicine can grant insights and cause spiritual breakthroughs for the healer as well as the patient. 
Cody’s past experience as a graphic designer has lead him to develop a close working relationship and friendship with Ann Cecil-Sterman whose books he designed and art-directed. 
Cody is committed to the transmission of the oral tradition he was entrusted with. He has been teaching it internationally in Denmark, Israel, Belgium, and Poland. He has a private practice in New York City and lives with his wife in Brooklyn.


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Yvette Koch - Providence, RI

"I will take any class with Ann that I can take. Being in her classes and around the community being formed opens me up as a person and clarifies who I am as a healer.”

Kristen Lum - Granada Hills, CA

"I just want to say that I have found Ann’s classes to be truly transformative. I am honored to be able to learn from her. Her classes are amazing."

Kaleb Kilkenny, New York, NY

"These classes have reignited the faith i had in this medicine when i set out on this path, but was squashed and dampened in acupuncture school. i am so grateful for this. ”

Jill Chiorazzo, Garfield, NJ

"Her pulse class changed my life! I went from not knowing anything about pulses and never taking them to knowing more than most of my colleagues I work with in one weekend class. It was so amazing and she gave us the information in such a way that it really was easy to understand and utilise.”

Monica Martin, Barcelona, Spain

"All I can say is that she's a remarkable teacher with a very well organized mind and a great ability to fill her students with confidence and enthusiasm with Classical Chinese Medicine. ”