The Mentorship program

A Six-Month Classical Acupuncture & Remote Healer Training

Practice the Classics in alignment with their intention by learning the complete teachings of the Complement Channels of Acupuncture (Live-Streamed)

Sinew • Luo • Divergent • Eight Extraordinary Channels • Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis

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Experience Extraordinary Clinical Results

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Feel Deeply Connected to a Lineage

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Confidently assist in Reversal of Chronic Conditions

Would you like to deepen your ability to diagnose—to feel in your bones the information you’re receiving from the pulses or the tongue, then translate those findings into a coherent strategy, confidently determining the channel to be treated…?

The Mentorship Program is for Acupuncturists of any background, Energy Healers, acupuncture students, and for people who have no training but have a heartfelt longing to receive a training in energy healing.

The program is designed so that by the end, you can walk into the clinic and feel confident, knowing that you have a reliable tool box, free of worry about whether you’ll know how to treat the next patient.

Do you sometimes feel a longing to treat with the enormous depth that you know is available in acupuncture—a depth that you intuitively know you are capable of achieving?

The most reliable route to becoming a solid, deep and proficient practitioner is to learn a complete classical system, and philosophy so that you have a stable platform for finding your own way.

Be a part of the great movement to return Acupuncture to its pre-Han Dynasty classical roots, reclaiming, rediscovering and marveling at its innate essence and giant potency.

The Complement Channels will allow you to:

Provide the best possible care

Work through the complexities of your patients' healing journey with calm presence and clarity

Confidently assist in the reversal of chronic degenerative diseases

Go deeper into Acupuncture and feel connected to its rich history

Cultivate certainty in the limitless potency of Acupuncture

By the end of the Mentorship program, you will no longer need to:

feel you don't know enough

be uncertain in your diagnosis

lack confidence in your treatments

question whether you chose the right career

perform treatments that are not effective

feel insecure in your pulse & tongue diagnosis skills

doubt your ability to truly understand the medicine

Welcome to The mentorship Program

classical acupuncture training

If you have been thinking, "I feel so deeply that there must be more to my practice of Acupuncture," I'd like to say to you that Acupuncture is a deep, startlingly complete, far-reaching healing modality and way of applying a profound philosophy.

And it's more relevant than ever.

And yes, Advanced Acupuncture can be learned and practiced by anyone

Hi, I'm Ann Cecil-Sterman!

I help Acupuncturists confidently treat individuals with chronic disease using the Complement Channels.

For two decades, it has been my mission to help return the practice of acupuncture to its rightful and original status:
a stand-alone, dazzlingly powerful, heart-centered practice that knows no bounds, bringing healing to countless people.

I have helped thousands of Acupuncturists fall deeply in love with their practice, and remove limitations to their capacity to help their patients experience profound healings.

If you're an...

○ Acupuncturist

○ Energy Healer

○ Essential Oil Practitioner

○ Aspiring Healer
but don't know where to begin your training

You’re warmly invited to immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of Classical teachings so that you can create profound change in the world.

the Mentorship Program

A Six Month Complete Classical Acupuncture Intensive Training

Weekly Live Lectures with 10 Detailed Modules and 24 Main Lessons. From pre-treatment to post-treatment, I’ll help tune your mindset, refine your diagnostic skills, and treat any condition with each of the complement channels with or without needles.

     VALUE $12,000 USD

Weekly Q & A’s, 24 Sessions . This is the opportunity to have all your questions answered, so you can easily digest, assimilate and incorporate the theory and practice into your life.

     VALUE $2,500 USD

Practitioner Cultivation and Mentoring, 24 Sessions . In this time, students raise issues they experience in the clinic or problems related to the self, including doubt, conflict, confidence, uncertainty, fear, awareness, practice maintenance, patient communication, handling the patient, physical, written and spoken interaction with the patient, philosophy of practice, life and the channels, the mind, self-cultivation, etc. This time can also be spent discussing pre-recorded live patient treatments.

     VALUE $2,500 USD

Food & Herbal Medicine Bonus, 7+ Lessons. Know how to pair the perfect Classical Food Strategy and Herbal Medicine Formula to your Classical Acupuncture treatment.

     VALUE $1,500 USD

Private Mentoring Sessions. Enjoy 1:1 personal guidance throughout the mentorship with both Ann Cecil-Sterman and Cody Dodo, to help you unlock personal blockages that hold you back from being an extraordinary practitioner. 

     VALUE $450 USD

BONUSES INCLUDE: Online live treatments, Channel Meditations, Entity Treatments, Complete tutorials on Needling Techniques for each of the Complement Channels of Acupuncture, Complete training in Remote Acupuncture, Complete tutorials on point Location for each of the Complement Channels of Acupuncture, Opportunities to present cases. 

     VALUE $6,900 USD


✅ Approved for 135 CEU’s

Total Value:

$25,800 USD

Tuition Fees

Once your application is approved, you will gain access to $25,800 worth of lectures, trainings, bonuses and mentoring for $7970

$25,800 USD


$7970 USD



$997 USD

8 monthly payments of $997 USD (total $7970)

Here's what my students are saying...

“I applied for the mentorship program to re-inspire myself in my work and practice and to deepen my understanding and embodiment of the channels. I knew this was a lineage I could put my trust and confidence in and I knew that Ann’s teaching style and intention were ones I could align and engage with.

As a result of the mentorship, I am a different practitioner. I can lean into the knowledge that has come through Ann and also into the wisdom of the channels that are in me and the world I have access to, a resource that is always available. This, along with finally recognising the absolute vitality of intention, gives a trust in myself as a practitioner but also and maybe more importantly, in the medicine, the person, the body, and in life itself. 

I am now more and more able to meet my clients with a broad spectrum of conditions and ailments and to meet each person as a unique individual whose whole life has led them to this place where they have come for treatment. The treatments are leading to much more meaningful change and resolution for my clients than before, along with a deeper understanding in them of how they got to this place and what will lead them out.”

Lila Thanos

“Ann takes material that could be potentially overwhelming and helps us love it and engage with it in a calm and exciting way. I also love that Ann repeatedly addresses the issues of lack of confidence in the clinic and encourages us to trust ourselves and connect to our inner knowing. This has been SO important for me. I also love the focus on cultivation of self as a practitioner. I am so very happy and thankful that I joined this program. I know that I have landed in the right place.”

Adina Kletzel

“I wanted to do this program to understand Chinese medicine in the deepest way. I wanted to feel like I can treat anything without needing to look to other people for protocols. I wanted to be able to think and feel my way through the medicine based on my understanding. I am 100 percent receiving this through the class. I feel like with each lecture Ann is introducing me to the channels in a new way and yet in the way I have always longed for in the medicine. I have settled into my practice and am now easily using Luo, sinews, extraordinary and now beginning to form my relationship with the primary channels.”

Rachel Nevas

Ann is a remarkable teacher—her depth of knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine is astounding and her teaching is clear, immediately clinically applicable and inspiring. 

I am so happy that I took the leap and signed up for the 2023 Graduate Mentorship program. I am coming away with a much deeper understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine as well as a whole new tool kit as a practitioner. I am far more confident about my ability to treat anyone that walks through my door and I am excited about my future as a practitioner of this beautiful, intelligent medicine! 

Melissa Rathbone 

“I am enjoying this program so immensely, it’s hard to express it… Putting the full channel medicine into practice is a many layered experience which is changing my life and those of my clients. Often the changes are so big and so fast that clients cannot link it to the acupuncture – which is quite humorous for my ego :-), but after all these years in practice, I know that what is happening is not what I have experienced in the past… I am just listening to the Monday lecture on Primary Channels and weeping as we do the meditations (fluids moving, inspiration flowing) to be meeting my old friends so deeply, finally, after all these years together. It’s a very emotional experience, as I had expected the Primary Channels to be “boring”! And I am moved to my core. This class is wonderful. It’s what I had been waiting for and expecting on that first day of acupuncture school, sitting at the back of the classroom with deep reverence and expectation thinking to myself, “I have finally met my mate…” And here it is, the actual meeting I had intuited when I first saw an acupuncture chart on the wall of the Ohashi Institute as a young girl. Thank you to all of you for making this transmission possible!”

Sharon Kraus 

“I’m so glad that I went ahead and signed up for the mentorship. My only hesitation was that the material might be too advanced for me and that I would be in over my head as a channel practitioner. Not so. Ann so obviously lives and breathes the medicine and explains everything so beautifully and patiently that I know I can learn and practice at my own pace and that I’ll be supported. Thanks for a wonderfully enriching program!”

Lydia Ochoa

Look inside: the medicine portal

To see what you'll be learning.. *Note the lesson sequence is subject to change

In one of the most important modules of the mentorship, you will learn how to manage your thoughts, hold space, cultivate your state as a practitioner and show up consistently

  • Lecture 1 – Managing Your Mind
  • BONUS – How to Prescribe Food effectively in a therapeutic relationship

In this module you’ll learn how to work with patients in a way that guides them from the beginning to end of their condition. You will learn how to create genuine optimism, handle objections, and navigate difficult conversations.  

  • Lecture 2 – The Therapeutic Relationship

By the time you have finished this module, you will know how to treat conditions originating between the ages of 0-7 years

  • Lecture 3 – Chong Mai, Dai Mai, Da Bao & Bao Mai
  • Lecture 4 – Ren Mai & Du Mai
  • Lecture 5 – Yin Wei Mai & Yang Wei Mai
  • Lecture 6 – Yin Qiao Mai & Yang Qiao Mai
  • BONUS: Fundamentals & Terminology for Remote Healers

In this module you’ll learn how to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions (both external and internal) and dermatological conditions.

  • Lecture 7 – Sinew Channel Theory
  • Lecture 8 – Sinew Sequence & Methods
  • Lecture 9 –Treating all conditions through the Sinew Framework
  • BONUS: Combining Herbal Formulas & Food with Sinew Treatments

By the time you have finished this module, you’ll know how to treat Psycho-emotional and Blood-related pathologies

  • Lecture 10 – Luo Channel Theory
  • Lecture 11 – Luo needling technique and Psycho-Emotional Pathologies 
  • Lecture 12 – Treating all conditions through the Luo Framework
  • BONUS – Combining Herbal Formulas & Food with Luo Treatments

In this module, you will reinvent your understanding of the Primary Channels through the Classical lens. You’ll learn the classical diagnostic parameters and organ functions, including the most important point functions, point locations and needling techniques

  • Lecture 13 – Classical Theory of the Primary Channels
  • Lecture 14 – Classical Point & Branch Functions;  Location and Needling for key points on the Primary Channels

In this crucial module, we will integrate all our previous lessons into the practice of Classical Pulse Diagnosis, where you will leave having confidence in your ability to understand the pulse and derive the most relevant treatment plan

  • Lecture 15 – Pulse Mindset & Pulse Qualities 1
  • Lecture 16 – Pulse Qualities 2, Directional Pulses, Complement Channel pulses
  • Lecture 17 – Pulse practice
  • BONUS – Remote Pulse-taking
  • BONUS – Identifying Dietary Imbalances through pulse diagnosis

In this module, you will learn how to confidently treat to reverse chronic degenerative disease

  • Lecture 18 – Divergent Theory
  • Lecture 19 – Divergent Trajectories & Point Functions 
  • Lecture 20 – Treating all conditions through the Divergent Framework
  • BONUS – Combining Herbal Formulas & Food with Divergent Channel Treatments

In this module you will learn to read the body’s response to pathology through tongue diagnosis so you can confidently perform remote treatments.

  • Lecture 21 – Theory & Case Studies 1
  • Lecture 22 – Theory & Case Studies 2
  • BONUS – Identifying Dietary Imbalances through Tongue Diagnosis

In this final module, we will be integrating everything you have learned throughout the program. We will cover Ghost Treatments, revise the entire Channel System, and discuss the management of your clinic.

  • Lecture 23 – Ghost Treatments, The Channel System in Practice
  • Lecture 24 – Clinical Management, Service
  • BONUS – Structuring a Dietary Session

After this mentorship, you will no longer need to:

aimlessly complete courses in search of the deeper understanding that you long for.

piece together many different modalities in an attempt to form a unified and reliable practice.

wonder whether you'll ever be a proficient practitioner.

And you will enjoy:

truly understand foundational Classical principles in order to feel confident when helping with complex cases.

practicing with the resonance of a lineage that satisfies all your unanswered questions.

knowing what it's like to be a Han Dynasty practitioner with authentic shamanistic wisdom.

Tuition Fees

Once your application is approved, you will gain access to $25,800 worth of lectures, trainings, bonuses and mentoring for $7970

$25,800 USD


$7970 USD



$997 USD

8 monthly payments of $997 USD (total $7970)


To enhance your learning

Bonus 1 - Value $750 USD

Classical Food Principles & Dietary Strategies Course. 

If you’d like to know the exact dietary advice to give your patients after any Complement Channel treatment, this bonus course will help you maximize your patients long-term success. These teachings will help you know exactly which ingredients could be holding your patient’s condition in place, and what to do about it. This section is taught by Andrew Sterman, for 22 years, a student of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen’s in food, herbs and qigong

Bonus 2 - Value $750 USD

Classical Formula & Herbal Medicine Course. 

By the end of this bonus course, you will seamlessly compliment your Acupuncture treatments with a Herbal formula that perfectly aligns with your intention. This section is taught by Andrew Sterman, for 22 years, a student of Jeffrey Yuen’s in food, herbs and qigong

Bonus 3 - Value $2,000 USD

Needling Technique for points along the Trajectories. 

If you’re unsure on how to needle the Acupuncture points on any Complement Channel, these bonus tutorials will walk you through a thorough demonstration on how to location and needle every single point

Bonus 4 - Value $450 USD

1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Ann Cecil-Sterman & Cody Dodo

Toward the conclusion of your 6 month mentorship, you will be mentored directly by Ann in a 20 minute 1:1 consultation during which you will voice any doubt you have about your ability in the clinic that you did not feel comfortable raising in the group mentorship sessions. You will also have 2x 30 minute private sessions with Cody Dodo throughout the program. 

Bonus 5 - Value $120 USD

Ghost / Entity Workshop 

This bonus workshop will train you on the step-by-step Classical Protocols to diagnosing and treating entities, so you can feel equipped to deal with unusual and complex psycho-emotional conditions.

Bonus 6 - Value $500 USD

Channel Meditations

Experience a guided meditation on each of the Complement Channels with Ann live, so you can viscerally connect to the energetics of each trajectory when treating. 

Bonus 7 - Value $300 USD

Access to post-Mentorship support

Enjoy two months free access to The Classical Medicine Academy

Bonus 8 - Value $2,000 USD

Course Material Discount

Each participant will receive discounts on required textbooks, and free access to bonus supplementary course material, live-demonstration recordings and module guides. 

Enrolment Instructions

Application Form: Submit the application form on this page. After completing the form, you will receive an email with further instructions

Film a 2-3 minute Video: A short self-recorded video of you answering our interview questions is required, approximately 2-3 minutes in duration. DON'T OVERTHINK IT!! You will be provided with clear questions to answer, along with specific instruction on how to transfer the video to me.

Await Offer Letter: After submitting your recording, you will hear back from me within a week to confirm your enrolment.

Finalize Enrolment: Once your application is approved, you will be directed to finalize your spot in the mentorship by registering for the payment plan (8x monthly payments of $997 USD), or paying the upfront tuition fee of $7970 USD.

Certificate of completion

At the conclusion of this mentorship you will receive a certificate of completion. If you attend two live classes with Ann (since July 2021) you will receive a certificate of certification in the practice of Classical Acupuncture

A Short History of Acupuncture

My name is Ann Cecil-Sterman, and I’d love to share with you some of the path I’ve been on, delving into the rich history of this ancient practice and unlock its hidden treasures.

By the time of the Han Dynasty, two thousand years ago, acupuncture and other healing practices based on the channels, (including Shamanism) had reached a pinnacle. There existed a fully formed medical practice that was meticulously documented in the Nei Jing—The Yellow Emperor’s Classic, a text so celebrated that it was as ubiquitous in the culture. Countless households still have a copy on their shelves to this day. The complement channels, comprising the sinews, luo, divergent, and eight extraordinary channels, were an integral part of this comprehensive system. Everything was treatable, and acupuncture was a thriving, beautiful and complete medicine until at least the end of the Tang Dynasty in the 10th century.

A significant shift occurred during the next major period—the Song Dynasty—when the Imperial Academy standardized acupuncture. Many classical texts were destroyed, others survived only in revised versions. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic that we know today is a version from this period.

It would be impossible to fill the holes in the written texts without a direct connection to the classical period, and there is one. In the 1960s the great Master Yu Wen brought from China to the United States his grandson, the extraordinarily gifted Master Jeffrey Yuen. Master Yuen possesses a virtuosic command of the Classical texts, the full channel system (and much more) tracing his family’s unbroken lineage back to the Han Dynasty. Through this spectacular oral tradition, he holds a living knowledge of the Nei Jing, enabling classical acupuncturists like myself to practice the complement channels with integrity and experience extraordinary results.

It was my privilege to be a student of Jeffrey Yuen for an incredible 20 years. I dedicated myself to his teachings, following him nearly wherever he went. My sole mission was to practice and then document the application of the complement channels of acupuncture as I understood it from those teachings and my clinical experience.

The culmination of this work can be found in my textbook, Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinical Manual. It is a deep resource that gives step-by-step protocols for the practical application of the complement channels.

My current mission is to teach what I have learned in practicing this remarkable material in more than twenty-seven thousand individual one hour treatments.

I think about the medicine and about teaching all day and am always excited at the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you. Through preserving this wisdom of the past and incorporating it into clinical and remote practice, I have consistently witnessed extraordinary transformations in my patients.

The complete channel system, as practiced in accordance with the classical texts in their original form, has proven to be an invaluable tool in providing profound clinical results.

The Classical Medicine Academy is the most comprehensive learning platform for Acupuncturists and Channel Practitioners who want to practice this profound medicine but feel they need support. This platform offers everything you need—from live classes, Q&A sessions and self-paced learning material—to be able to implement the complete acupuncture system into your clinical practice to effect powerful results.


  • you know in your heart that there must be so much more to Acupuncture.
  • you want to help your patients experience profound results.
  • you feel your potential is not being met with the theory you currently have.
  • you’re ready to go deeper with Acupuncture.
  • you want acupuncture to meet your expectations as a profession.
  • you push aside thoughts of giving up your practice and feel the need to be re-inspired.
  • you know that Chinese Medicine must have been practiced in a deeper way than the way it is often practiced now.
  • you’re ready to experience acupuncture as primary medicine with no limitation on its potential for your patients.


  • you’re reluctant to reinvent the way you practice Acupuncture.
  • you’re not ready to believe in the limitless possibilities you can help your clients achieve.
  • you’re not ready to reprogram your mind to practice from your heart.
  • you don’t feel called to practice the original essence of the Classics.
  • you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to learn the material.


This is a 6 month mentorship, beginning January 8th, and ending the last week of June.

  • Weekly Live-Streamed Lectures (2.5 hours each)
  • Weekly Q&A sessions (60 minutes each. Sometimes these run over time by an hour.)
  • Weekly Group Mentorship sessions (60 minutes each. Sometimes these run over time by an hour)
  • Bonus Live-Streamed Lectures on Food & Herbal Medicine (7 Lectures total, 2 hours each, at the conclusion of each module)
  • ALL Live-Streamed Lectures, Group Mentorship sessions and Q&A sessions will be recorded, and available on the Online Portal within 48 hours and are yours permanently.
  • Weekly Lectures (2.5 hours) are run at 4:00 PM EST (EST) every Monday, beginning January 8th
  • Q&A’s (60 minutes) are run at 4:00 PM (EST) every Wednesday, beginning January 10th  
  • Group Mentorship sessions (60 minutes) are run at 4:00 PM (EST) every Thursday, beginning January 11th
  • Food & Herbal Medicine Lectures are run at 4:00 PM (EST) on five Saturday, beginning January 13th

In a sense, the older you are, the better. If you have a lot of life experience, you know that all problems are surmountable and you can sit in that space with that wisdom.

Our oldest student so far was 77 years old at the time and is a photographer.

The Complement Channels appear deeply complicated when it’s believed that you must capture and retain their theory. But it’s the feeling of the channels that is important – far more important than book learning.

You would be very welcome. I am hoping that the course appeals to people who feel they have a natural ability to heal but don’t have a method.

Yes, if you haven’t learned another method of acupuncture, you don’t have to unlearn anything, or grapple with concepts that might challenge your existing knowledge. That’s a luxurious position to be in.

We will create a database of students and group them according to proximity to each other and encourage group gatherings. The course includes training to treat remotely anyone anywhere in the world and so in a sense there will be unlimited people for you to practice on.

No, the purchase of individual modules is not available. 

Once a year, beginning in the first week of January. 

135 CEUs were granted for the program in 2023 and we will renew them for 2024. 

This is why we created the 8 month payment plan, to make the mentorship more affordable. many past students have reported that after learning and practicing Classical Acupuncture, their patients results drastically improve, leading to more referrals, an excellent reputation, and the option to increase their prices. 

Tuition Fees

Once your application is approved, you will gain access to $25,800 worth of lectures, trainings, bonuses and mentoring for $7970

$25,800 USD


$7970 USD



$997 USD

8 monthly payments of $997 USD (total $7970)