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Welcome to Herbs as Insight Elixir
This course is the on-demand version of the live course that took place in April 2021 via Zoom.
The course is in 5 lessons, with each lesson containing the Full video recording of that week’s class


If you have not already ordered your herbs, please do so using the link below:

**Once our current supply is depleted, we will be ordering directly through Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy in NYC. Pricing will be at the discounted rate as long as that can last (Andrew is hoping these herbs remain discounted for us indefinitely)**

If you would like to source your own herbs, you are welcome to do so. Please click HERE to see the required herbs. 

The course is outlined below:
– Click on Lesson 1 to begin
– Once you begin the course, you can navigate between sections using the sidebar that will appear on the left.
– Mark each section as ‘Complete’ once you have finished 
– Once finished (with all sections marked as ‘complete’) Please return to this page to download your certificate
Any questions? Reach out to Mark ([email protected])