The Curious Case of the Changing Profession – by Ann Cecil-Sterman

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A curious case today. An actor came in with long-term general malaise and migraines for as long as he could remember. After a deep discussion he told me that he feels that only one percent of his talent has been realized in his current profession, despite his substantial success, but that he can’t tell anyone about this because he would seem like a narcissist. He talked about the pain of having the bulk of his talent buried and unknown and that it would probably stay that way because of the expectations placed on him. And besides, what if he failed when he ventured out to follow the other profession of his dreams. After much listening and pulse taking, I needled Yin Qiao Mai. KI-6 the Illuminating Sea, KI-2 the Blazing Valley, KI-8 the Gateway of Trust, KI-11 the Warehouse of Destiny, ST-12 the Receptive Vessel (my name for it), ST-9 Welcome Me, Humanity! ST-4 the Earth Granary, BL-1 Clear Vision Forward, GB-20 the Wind Gate. I felt that with this channel in place, he could deeply experience a shift in alignment, between his own self and the world. I explained the principles involved, including the idea that his personal readiness was a factor. He was very eager. I retreated into my micro office while the treatment developed. About 10 minutes later, I heard clicking noises. I thought it was the janitor in the hallway or the fountain running out of water but neither was the case. Eventually I realized it was coming from the treatment room. I cracked the door and saw his jaw opening and closing, faster and faster; so fast that it was more like a vibration. Then the spine arched and the throat noises started up. I’ve seen this many times over the years. The force that the patient had invited into the body long ago to suppress his dream of doing something different had to exit for the patient to be free. To help this happen, I needled DU-26, LU-11 and SP-1. The patient sat up and vomited phlegm. I reassured him over and over that it was simply energy, that he mustn’t become fascinated by it, and that all he needed to do was let it go. Tonight he sent a text with a declaration that he was already moving on. What a profession we’re in; how wonderful to quietly be in this beautiful play.

Artwork: ‘The Hasty Pulse’ by Ann Cecil-Sterman

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1 thought on “The Curious Case of the Changing Profession – by Ann Cecil-Sterman”

  1. Amazing case Ann! Love your books! Hope to meet you someday. Get the Yin Chiao point KI-6. . So wonderful to hear about stuck energy moving like that and someone ready to let out what has been trapped. Could you also bleed ST 40? I’m such a fan of that. Since I had a Luo vessel class with Nick Isabella at PCOM. Still a student on break right now.
    Alex Katsanos
    [email protected]

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