The Mentorship Program is a six month intensive online training in the understanding and use of channels used by acupuncturists for thousands of years.

Ann’s philosophy is that all human beings should have an awareness and understanding of the channels of energy that animate life, and that command of those channels can benefit humanity in infinite ways. We feel that a global healing can occur when a critical mass of people using channels to heal themselves and others is reached. The course is geared so that by the end of the six months, the use of the channels on oneself and on others is one of the most natural things imaginable.

The program is intended for:
• acupuncturists of any level and style of training who want to increase their knowledge of classical acupuncture.
• people with no training in acupuncture but with a keen interest in classical healing who want to be able to use the classical energetic channels—the meridians that acupuncturists have used for thousands of years—without needles, for the benefit of all.
• people who have practiced Chinese medicine who intuit that they are missing something deep in the medicine.

This program runs from the first Monday of January through to the end of June every year.

The first class, the class of 2023, had an enrollment of eighty people from five continents and graduated seventy-nine happy people including sixty acupuncturists ranging from being fresh from acupuncture school to being in practice for over 30 years, an engineer, a psychiatrist, three doctors, two householders, a lawyer, a dog whisperer, a photographer, two physical therapists, a singer, school teachers, a humanities professor, a hypnotherapist, a stone medicine practitioner, and a graphic designer


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