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Ann Cecil-Sterman’s latest book, Tongue Diagnosis: Visible Responses to Pathology, contains a detailed, step-by-step exploration of the energetics of internal health and shows how that leads to a method of tongue diagnosis, useful for any style of Chinese medicine practice and invaluable for telemedicine. The aim of this book is to convey the principles of diagnosis rather than require memorization of tongue presentations. In this way any tongue viewed can be approached step-by-step, leading to an insightful and accurate diagnosis.

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The first book of its kind, Tongue Diagnosis includes discussions and analysis of tongue shape, length, moisture, texture, color, coverage, coat, spots, froth, lines, cracks, thorns, eruptions, hollows, trapped heat, pulse vectors, sublingual veins, and organ function, all as described on the tongue. Much of this material appears in print for the first time including discussion of tongue diagnostics for all the channels of acupuncture, including Primary channels and the complement channels: the Eight Extraordinary, Divergent, Luo, and Sinew meridians. Throughout the theory, case studies, and frequently asked questions, there are methodical protocols that can deeply inform everyone’s practice, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and of particular use not only to acupuncturists and herbalists but dietary practitioners, and beyond. The book includes the practice of correlating tongue indicators with advanced dietetics. Ann Cecil-Sterman is an acupuncturist clinician, teacher, and author of the widely acclaimed books, Advanced Acupuncture and The Art of Pulse Diagnosis.  

Tongue Diagnosis contains 306 photographs and 96 diagrams. Designed and illustrated by Cody Dodo. Foreword by Dr. Hung Tran.

Printed in the USA, London, or Melbourne. Hard Cover, 202 pages.

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  1. Ada Sobieszczuk (verified owner)

    I got your tongue book in the post earlier this week.
    It’s incredible. Love the bullseye clarity and simplicity. (And I’m always amazed how it’s the same system but explaining something else)
    My son and I were looking through it before bed, he was intrigued, and he was asking me about his tongue. He even brought his little tongue up to the lamp light so I could see properly. It was great.
    I love the timeline!
    I totally understand what you mean by the book not needing photos. Definitely stands true. But I’m so glad they are in there to know we are on the same page when it comes to what we are seeing.
    Thank you for pulling this magnificent work together and sending it out to us.

    Ada Sobieszczuk
    Classical Acupuncturist
    New Zealand

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