Crowded street with people in New York

Sometimes it’s necessary to step up and take strong action as one’s own practitioner. What a gift the complement channels are when one finds oneself in times of trouble. 

These past few days I’ve taken some long walks in the very early morning and finding extra meditation time since I’ve been quite sad about a happening. Last night I did something I haven’t done for years—I hopped into the shower with a lancet and bleed the stomach, pericardium and gallbladder luo points. I’ll spare you a description but it was profoundly relieving. 

I feel asleep in Andrew’s arms and slept deeply until the alarm. As I was leaving the apartment, I saw that my son was sleeping on the sofa after having stayed up very late playing beautiful chord progressions on the piano with the soft pedal on, one of my favorite things to hear. I walked over to give him a gentle kiss on the head, ran down the stairs and stepped into busy New York. As I walked the several blocks crosstown to my office, I felt that everything was very peaceful, that people seemed to be walking purposefully and quietly at the same time, and that there was a kind of perfection in the air. I registered that I felt unusual, almost as though on a flying carpet. And then I remembered the release of the luo points the night before. Realizing that I hadn’t had a single thought about what had been troubling me came as such a surprise—I had been entirely in the present moment the whole fifteen minute journey. This is the power of the luo channels. They free the blood of the emotions resulting from a wide bandwidth of toxic thought, and leave one free to just simply be in the only realm that is real, the instant of the present, naturally free of labeling, judgment and comparison. As I write this six hours later, I still feel quite wonderful although nothing in the layers of the troubling situation has changed or seems likely to change. In my mind it has become simply what is. And I remind myself that what is is part of Destiny and meant to be. At some point its purpose will be revealed—it’s not for me to question. Let it be. 

Ann Cecil-Sterman
June 12, 2023
Manhattan, New York City

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